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Matzo Ball Recipe Video With My Secret Tips

There's no debate.  At least not in this house.  Hubby likes light, fluffy, soft, pillowy, perfectly round matzo balls that cut like butter and require no teeth to eat.  So that's what he gets.  And the kids know no different, so they love their knaidelach like that too. Truth be told I also have a little thing for hard-as-a-rock-get-me-a-chainsaw matzo balls.  But I don't even know how to make them.

To unload my burdened soul I will have you know I used to make my perfect matzah balls out of a mix.  But I was really good at it.  And they were really round and really pretty and really tasty and really light and really elicited lots of compliments. So when I first came to Israel and was crying shopping in the supermarket with my cousin Bracha (the same darling of a Bracha who gave me this Turkey Hummus recipe and asked her where I could find the matzah ball mix... she was like WHAT?!?!  "they're so easy to make - I'm giving you my recipe!"

And history was made in my kitchen.  My first new recipe in Israel was a success.  We did lots of takeout for Rosh Hashanah when I hosted just a few weeks after our aliyah.  But I did make my signature Unstuffed Cabbage Soup with my new Homemade Light and Fluffy Matzo Balls.

Yes we eat matzah balls with everything in this here house.  Not just for Pesach and not just with Chicken Soup.  We eat em with Beef Porridge, Butternut Squash Soup, and straight-up.

These are as easy as the mix, taste way better, and the secret is seltzer AND not to overmix, oh AND light pressure while rolling...

Just watch!