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Miriam Pascal

Hi, my name is Miriam. I’m a 20-something Jewish gal from New York. I started to cook and bake as an outlet, and over the last couple of years, it’s morphed into so much more than that....Some of you may recognize me from my baking column in Ami’s Whisk magazine. Columnist. It’s just another one of the hats I wear, and another reason that I don’t sleep very much. Freelance food photographer? Well that’s not exactly a title I would have associated with myself before I got started on my little blog, but now it’s a title I proudly carry – and you guessed it – another reason I don’t sleep enough!Let’s get something straight before we continue. I am not a foodie.Nope. My palate is not what you would call adventurous. I won’t touch an olive under any circumstances. I won’t eat fish – even at gunpoint. I have a strong dislike of yogurt. And of feta cheese. And honestly, a whole bunch of other stuff. You get the point.Y’know what I do like? Simple recipes that I can make in my limited time. Recipes with approachable ingredients that are still exciting and delicious. Turns out, so many of you like those recipes too. Who’da thunk?So whether you’ve got limited to no time in the kitchen (like me) or you love delicious food (me too!) join me and we’ll eat well together!