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New Kosher Restaurant In SoHo - Jezebel


The new kosher restaurant in SoHo has created such a buzz that there was a huge article a few weeks ago in the Wall Street Journal on the New York City kosher restaurant scene.  The new restaurant, Jezebel, is hoping to find a place in the high end, hip restaurant scene that has made Prime KO so successful.  Recently, I visited Prime KO, a kosher Japanese steakhouse on the Upper West Side, late on a Saturday night.  The place was packed and I was surprised by how many didn't fit any obvious Jewish stereotype -- many of the patrons were not even Jewish, let alone kosher!  Prime KO simply serves great food and a fun atmosphere that attracts all kinds of people.

Jezebel in SoHo is the first restaurant for B&Y Hospitality, standing for British and Yiddish, and the owners, Senderowicz and Stimler, hope to bring kosher up to a whole new level.  Starting with the decor, they have infused the space with a Jewish theme.  They showcase family heirlooms and black and white photos that pay homage to their families.  As well as original artwork featuring Jewish icons superimposed in place of the original visage of famoust portraits - Mayor Bloomberg as George Washington, for instance.

For the food, they have hired James Beard Award-winning chef Bradford Thompson in the kitchen and Nick Mautone, formerly of Gramercy Tavern to design the drink program. The food is going to be Modern American that also draws on the influences from all over the world featuring such bold dishes as roasted bone marrow with parsley, pickled onion and toasted breadcrumbs, Shabazi-Spiced Beef Tartar with chive flowers and purple potato chips and Cote de beouf all under the watchful eye of Chef Thompson, who isn't Jewish.

Like Prime KO, Jezebel plans to remain open on Friday night for prepaid Shabbat meals.  The restaurant has invested in high quality warming ovens in order to keep their food hot and fresh.  Jezebel will be certified kosher by Rabbi Mehlman of the National Kosher Supervision agency and opened on..

Jezebel opens this week, let us know what you think.

Photo credit: Chana Blumes