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Making a Kosher Reuben Sandwich

vegetarian low fat reuben sandwich

Over the summer I read somewhere that the Reuben sandwich was one of the top 5 favorite sandwiches in this country. While the sandwich is associated with the Jewish deli and Jewish food, it must have been created when Kosher style came around. The traditional sandwich is inherently not kosher given that it combines meat, corned beed, and cheese, Swiss. That being said many kosher delis will serve it without the cheese and others have dressed it up, like Citron and Rose in Philadelphia, who makes an open faced lamb Reuben sans cheese.

vegetarian reuben sandwich

Nowadays you can even try vegan cheesy from Daiya, should be a pretty good substitute. For my sandwich, I decided to try something vegetarian. I started out by making some Pastrami Beets. These were amazing on their own, slice up thin, they can be eaten on their own or served in any kind of sandwich for a healthy pastrami, where double stuffed is encouraged. For the rest of the sandwich I kept it classic, sauerkraut, Russian dressing and just because I could, low fat Swiss cheese. Make sure to use a good quality rye bread and you will have a vegetarian Reuben to rival all others.

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