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Simple Salmon In 10 Minutes Or Less

3 Salmon Recipes

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to preparing salmon, or any fish for that matter, is overcooking. I learned (from a famed Long Island fish monger) when doing research for my first book that if your house starts to smell fishy that means you’ve gone too far. But when you don’t know the proper techniques or how to test for doneness with a degree of certainty, it’s almost impossible not to fall prey to the mistake that will leave you with the dried out, rubbery, tasteless fish (that cost you a pretty penny!).

So follow these flawless and fail proof Simple Salmon techniques for perfection on a plate. When you have the know-how you can then “Dress Up” your Simple Salmon dishes with glazes, sauces and flavorful poaching liquids. Although my grandfather (the gourmet chef I always talk about) taught me that if cooked right, salt (sometimes pepper) and lemon are all most fish need. After testing, tasting and mastering these techniques, I tend to agree.

Simple Poached Salmon

Delicate and elegant, this technique yields juicy salmon that can be served warm or at room temperature.  Simple Poached Salmon with Scallion Wasabi Sauce.

Pan Seared Salmon

Started skin-side down on the stovetop and finished off in the oven ensures thick fillets cook through evenly. This, my absolute favorite way to enjoy salmon, yields a crispy skin meant to be enjoyed along with the fish.  Pan Seared Salmon with Lemon and Herb Compound Butter.

Simple Baked Salmon

The most common and widely used technique is hands-off and hands down the simplest of all. Often overcooked, you want to bake salmon until just cooked through, 6 to 8 minutes is actually all you need.  Simple Baked Salmon with Savory Lemon Horseradish Sauce.