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With the whole world on some level of lockdown or completely quarantined, I thought I'd share easy, fun, comforting recipes you can make with the ingredients in your pantry.  

Every day this week I will go LIVE on Facebook and also post the episodes here to give you ideas and inspiration for how to cook with your kids and keep them busy and nourished, all while using up the food you have on hand in your pantry and fridge -- especially with Passover coming soon. 

Episode 1: Power Rice Bowls

Find our favorite recipes for Power Bowls here. Check-in tomorrow for our next episode.

Episode 2: Crazzzy Cookies 'n Cream Waffles

Find our favorite waffle recipes and Crazy Milkshake recipes here.  Check-in tomorrow for our next episode.

Episode 3: Potatoes - Smashed, Sliced and Stuffed 

Peruse all our (favorite) potato recipes here

Episode 4: Bissli, Pretzel and Potato Chip Schnitzel Skewers 

You can find schnitzel ideas for days right here

Episode 5: Pie Dough Cookies

More crazy easy and incredible cookies recipes can be found right here

Episode 6: Pulled BBQ Chicken Pitas

Episode 7: Comfort Food Creamy Cheese-y Baked Ziti

Get the full recipe for Creamy Baked Ziti

Episode 8: Hi

"Deep" thoughts...

Episode 9: Our Family Fricassee

Find our Fricassee recipes here.

Episode 10: Edible 10 Plagues 

One of our mist popular Passover articles of all time: Edible 10 Plagues.