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Shabbat Menu - Cooking with Kids


In parsha Vaetchanan, Moshe reminds the people to recount the miracles and the teachings to their children and their children’s children.  We pass down our traditions and our history through our food.  The moments I spend in the kitchen with my kids is my way of teaching them what I know and love and what I learned standing in the kitchen with my parents and what they learned at the feet of my grandparents.  This week’s Shabbat menu includes recipes that are perfect for preparing with children at your side.  Get your kids involved this week with age appropriate kitchen duties and this kid friendly menu they will love to eat as much as they love to prepare.

What kid doesn't like to make challah.  Make this big 6 pound batch and let them go wild with their own piece.  Give fun toppings like sprinkles if desired or just have them make balls to put this pull apart challah together.  Teach them to brush on the egg wash and your little painter will have a ball.

My kids are just starting to show interest in salad, but like me when I was kid, they just like Romaine lettuce.  But that doesn't mean we have to suffer.  Let the kids tear the lettuce and whisk the dressing.  Keep the peppers and corn on the side and add it for the grown ups and more adventurous children.

Quiches, big or small, can be made ahead and are usually kid pleasers.  This one has a shredded potato crust which older kids can help with and all of them can help crack and whisk the eggs.

Most kids will go crazy over these chicken fingers especially if they get to make them.  My 4 year loves to help in the breading and despite the mess she is good at it!

I don't know if it is just my kids, but this is actually the one vegetable they all agree on.  Don't worry about the butter sauce, this is my sister in law's recipe and I know she used margarine when she made it and it was still delish.  The important part is the sage.  Should work well with frozen brussels too.  The kids can help you toss them in oil.

It doesn't take much to get kids to eat dessert, so why not make it healthy.  The kids can help blend and place the popsicle sticks.  Let them decide the flavors and enjoy these all Summer long.

What do you cook with your kids?

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