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The Curious Case of Pomegranate Wine

pomegranate strawberry daiquiri


My first memory of the sweet and tart pomegranate was on Rosh Hashanah, when every year my parents would bring a small bag of these crimson spheres into the house for us to enjoy as our new fruit.  My dad would cut a hole in the bottom and roll the fruit around the table to help get the juices flowing.  My siblings and I would then fight over who gets the pleasure of sucking out the juice of the pomegranate.  Of course, this was long before POM and all the other brands of pomegranate juice available just about everywhere, but nothing tastes as good as that memory.

Nowadays, not only is the juice readily available, so are the fruits.  They can be found all year long and, at least for our family, they are no longer our new fruit.  However, they are still a wonderful symbol of the holiday and I love any excuse to enjoy pomegranates.

A new favorite for pomegranate lovers is the crisp and refreshing pomegranate wine from Morad Winery in Israel.  The wine is best served chilled and captures the essence of the pomegranate with just the right tartness. I found that in addition to enjoying it as I would any warm weather wine, I couldn't stop thinking of ways to shake things up by mixing it into some easy to prepare cocktails.

pom cosmo

For this Pomegranate Cosmo, the wine was a far superior replacement to cranberry juice, and still kept the perfect balance of sweet and tart.  The pom seeds for garnish are fun, too.

pomegranate daiquir

I was inspired to make this Strawberry Pomegranate Daiquiri one night when I wanted to add something tart to my daiquiri and realized with the Morad Pomegranate Wine I would get the tart and sweet I was looking for and it worked perfectly.


I also cook with this Pomegranate wine.  This recipe will produce the easiest poached pears you will ever make.  I love healthy, easy recipes that can be enjoyed any time, but look nice enough to serve to company on Shabbat or the holidays.

Here's to a Happy (Sweet and Tart) New Year!

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This post is part of an ongoing partnership with Morad winery, all opinions are my own.