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Watch Me On The Today Show

jamie on today

Making Light and Fluffy Matzo Balls and Garlic and Honey Brisket for Passover with Kathie Lee and Hoda on the TODAY Show. If you missed it, watch the clip here:

Here are some behind the scenes shots to enJOY.

photo 1(4)

Me without makeup (and funny clips in my "hair"). It's always so much fun to have your face done by professionals. My secret weapon - fake lashes. I love them and brought along a pair to the TODAY SHOW.


The amazing culinary team who shopped, prepped and cooked for the segment. Everything came out looking so gorgeous from the food to the dishes. When you're invited to the TODAY SHOW they treat you like a queen. You just show up on set and all the hard work is done for you. There was even one guy whose job it was to clean the stainless steel appliances (look at the gleaming fridge!), and he had a supervisor giving him feedback on how to enhance the shine. I wanted to take everyone home with me!

jamie today show

Drizzling the honey garlic sauce over the brisket for a live tease leading up to the segment.

jamie geller and hoda

 Me and Hoda! She and Kathie Lee were SO SO SO SO SO SO nice!