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Chicken Schnitzel Challah Sandwich

The latest craze in Israel is the schnitzel challah sandwich.  It's like an Israeli Hoagie, layered with all our favorites from hummus to pickles to schnitzel. Let's pile everything on our favorite challah bread. 

We made this one giant to feed to an army - er family, but you can also make them in individual challah rolls. 

Challah Schnitzel Sandwich
  • Duration
  • Prep Time
  • 5Servings



1. Cut open the challah loaf along its length. Do not cut all the way through - just enough so you can fully open the loaf.

2. Spread hummus all over the bottom side of the loaf.  Top with matbucha.  Layer eggplant slices, pickles and schnitzel over top.  

3. Close the sandwich and cut into 5 individual sandwiches.  Serve with chips (french fries), ketchup and mayo and enjoy just like an Israeli.