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Jamie Geller Pilaf Seasoning Mixes

Life's about ups and downs. And if there's anything I've been working on in the last year, it's to show you that my status as an "influencer" isn't always as it seems.

I've made a conscious effort not to just shovel the "hardships" under the social media rug. I've shared the trials and tribulations, along with the joys and jubilations.

And now, THANK G-D, I'm grateful to launch our newest addition to the Jamie Geller Signature Collection — which would never have been possible without your unwavering support. So yes, YOU GET A BIG THANK YOU, for being there always, through thick and thin!

Without further ado, I'm bouncing with joy to introduce you to my Trio of Pilaf Mixes! The new Jamie Geller Trio of Pilaf Seasoning Mixes comes in the following flavors: Mujadara Lentil, Festive Herb, and Jeweled Almond. Please try them all and let me know which one is your favorite!

pilaf mixes 3

And in case you don't know, pilaf is a dish that typically involves cooking rice and adding meat or desired proteins along with vegetables, fruits, nuts, and spices.

My Pilaf Seasoning Mixes are especially unique (not only because they are made in and inspired by the flavors of Israel) but the rice is not included (like in other brands) so you can use your grain of choice, such as white or brown rice, quinoa or other favorite grains. My Pilaf Seasoning Mixes are also loaded with the real stuff - onions, veggies, nuts, dried fruits, and pure spices. Each ingredient can easily be identified (no mystery powder in a seasoning sachet, here!).


Mujadara with kabob

We love serving simple kabobs alongside our easy Mujadara rice, dinner doesn't get easier than this.  Get these reusable storage bags to make these marinated meats. 

Festive Herb 

Pomegranate Salmon with Festive Herb Pilaf

Our festive herb mix is based on traditional Persian green rice so we served it with an incredible Pomegranate Salmon

Jeweled Almond Pilaf

Marinated Chicken with Jeweled Almond Pilaf

For our jeweled pilaf we paired with with marinated sautéed pieces of chicken for an easy stove top meal. 

In many cuisines around the world, pilaf isn’t relegated to the side, but rather elevated to be the main attraction and served as a beautiful center-of-the-table masterpiece.

I hope you love your pilaf so much that you proudly place it at the center of the plate.