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One Egg is a Fortune Cookbook Spotlight

one egg collage

One Egg is a Fortune is a compilation of over 100 kosher recipes from 50 Jewish celebrities from around the world filled with sumptuous food photography, delicious recipes, interesting biographies and special memories.

Blazing Hot Wings

Blazing Wings

One Egg Is A Fortune was compiled by Pnina Jacobson and Judy Kempler, two women who were looking to give back to their community in Sydney, Australia.  They share a love of food and storytelling and have spent the last ten years compiling this one of a kind cookbook.  When they were working on this book, Kempler was dealing with care of her late mother-in-law and so the two authors decided that a portion of the proceeds would go to support care for the aging Jewish community in the cities where the book is sold.

Baked Fish ala Dudu

Fish ala Dudu (fisher)

In this cookbook, each person tells a unique story revealing the enjoyment of food, friends and family – a common thread that binds us together.  They have mingled these stories with recipes and full color pictures that are a pleasure to read.    Contributors include musicians, composers, authors, actors, inventors, etc.  Each contributor shares stories, memories and sometimes even old family photos to go along with the recipes they share.  Recipes cover the entire world of Jewish cuisine, Asian, Moroccan, French, and of course classic Jewish recipes.

Slip Pancake

slip pancake

Slip Pancake (Sweet or Savory)

Here are a few sample recipes for you to try, but without the book you are only getting half the story.  Click here to buy your copy today.

Note, the recipes in this book are written for Europeans, but there is a handy conversion chart in the back.