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Winter In Israel Treats

Some people think it doesn't get cold in Israel and truthfully compared to many other places it doesn't get that cold, but for those that live in Israel Winter is real.  

In Jerusalem, the evenings average around 41°F and since everything is made from stone and many older buildings have poor insulation it can feel even colder.  

Still, there are mostly sunny days and the winter is short so instead of lamenting the cold, we embrace the traditional Israeli treats that come out every winter and now you can bring these comforting sweet into your home wherever you live. 



Israelis love coffee, tea, and hot chocolate too, but the real authentic hot drink native to this part of the world is sachlav. 

Like a comfy pair of slippers, sachlav is a creamy drink thickened by ground orchid bulbs (our recipe is thickened with rice flour or cornstarch which is easier to find) and scented with vanilla and/or rose water. Sachlav is the perfect blank canvas for customizing. Add in cinnamon, dried fruits, and nuts and you have a first-class ticket to Israel.  Chilled versions of sachlav are turned into Malabi in the Summer. 


Krembo Recipe

Krembo is a chocolate-covered marshmallow on a cookie that typically marks the Winter season in Israel.  Any kid raised in Israel will tell you they grew up on this treat and waited especially for Winter when they replace the more common ice pops during the hotter months. They are usually wrapped individually in colored foil, but there is nothing like making this Israeli dessert yourself. 


Classic Sufganiyot Recipe from Biscotti Bakery

Fluffy jelly doughnuts, or sufganiyot, as they’re called in Israel begin to show up in every bakery right after the high holidays in the Fall and stay all the way through the end of Chanukah. Just one more Winter in Israel must-have.