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I make a whole package of wonton wrappers, freeze them and then add them to egg drop soup as a quick meal my kids love any night of the week. Great to make with the kids too.

  • 50 ServingsServings


  • 1 package wonton wrappers
  • 1 lbs. ground, beef, chicken or turkey
  • 1 tbsp. soy sauce
  • a few drops sesame oil, optional
  • 1 green onion finely chopped


1 Combine all the filling ingredients in a bowl.

2 Lay wonton wrapper on table, fill with 1 tsp. of filling. Moisten edges with water and fold in half over filling. Press out any air. Fold again and then fold ends to meet each other, add water to help stick.
3 Lay out on baking sheet and repeat with remaining wrappers. Place sheet in freezer if desired and then after frozen place in plastic bags.
4 Now you can add to soup or steam, fry or bake.