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How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

I love cold brew so much I drink it all year round. I love my coffee so much that I have learned to say “iced coffee please,” in at least 6 languages, no exaggeration! I had several Parisian waiters, during a visit, chide me (the way only French waiters can) for drinking cold coffee in brisk weather, though I begged, café glacé s'il vous plait. I said PLEASE!

My cold brew isn't really just coffee with ice added to it. My drink of choice is an extracted concentration made from ground beans and purified water, steeped lovingly for 24 hours, then gently filtered and stored in my fridge.

When I am finally ready to drink my beloved coffee, I pour a scant one-third cup of concentrate in a glass and top it off with two-third cup of filtered water, a few ice cubes, and a straw. My co-workers know not to get in the way of my coffee or to talk to me until that coffee has had a chance to soak in...AHHHHH, BLISS!


Laura's iced coffee concentrate

This cold brew is my coffee jam because it has all the benefits of coffee. Cold brew has the smell, flavor, and CAFFEINE, but without bitterness, acid, and gritty edge that hot coffee frequently possesses.

Cold brew is also convenient. I don't have to brew it. It is always there! Ok, not always. . . I do have to do the 24-hour extraction process, but once that is done, coffee is at my beck and call. 

Cold brew is also versatile. I can add hot water to have hot coffee, I can add flavoring (pumpkin, chocolate, sparkling water for coffee soda, numerous liqueurs for coffee drinks, and more), and I also use my cold brew to bake. Many chocolate recipes have a glug or two of coffee and my cold brew is chocolate's best friend. Sold yet?


Cold Brew Mocha

Like coffee on Shabbat? I DO! Just let the possibilities of cold brew and Shabbat sink in. Try cold brew this summer and let me know how you like it. My guess is that once you cold brew, you will never go back.


Sparkling Iced Coffe

Ever tried a coffee soda? If not, you're missing out. Use your cold brew for a new kind of seltzer. 

What's your favorite coffee drink? Let's us know in the comments below.