Jewish Comfort Food - Chicken Soup

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My grandparents, both sets, made the best chicken soup. Same like yours, I imagine. My father's side of the family made a deep dark richly flavored broth with spaghetti noodles. My mother's parents a light bright broth with square luckshen (noodles) and alphabets for us kids in the later years.

Yes, it's Jewish penicilin.

Yes, it's been known to heal a broken heart or two.

Yes, it's pretty much one of the best foods on this planet.

There is something intuitive and all too personal about making a chicken soup. Like cholent, no two are alike. Quite like a fingerprint each chef whether following a recipe with exacting accuracy or adding a little of this and a little of that still imparts their chicken soup with something special. That something is called "love". I am not some over the top touchy-feely mood effects your food type - but chicken soup is one of those add a little love recipes and it becomes your own. Something your kids will beg you for, something your husband will request every Friday night, something you end up making 30 quarts of at a time because it's that popular. OK that last part is probably just me -- I get crazy with bulk cooking sometimes, I can't help it.

I am using mychicken soup recipe and a few variations on the comfort classic to kick off our month of traditional Jewish foods. We all try to be such inventive creative kosher cooks that sometimes we forget about the building blocks of our culinary heritage. Let's go old school, heimishe, back to the basics or whatever you call it, and pull out those family recipes that can only be salvaged if we salvage them. I missed getting my grandparents' recipes but please join us this month in our effort to claim the classics and save them here on I'll love you for it. You can submit your own recipes here.

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