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We all waste too much. There I said it! 

I know I personally can do better and as I try to live a more inspired and thoughtful life, I am trying to use everything (or as much as possible) and waste as little as possible.

My goal is to purchase only what I need, can eat, and can use fully. I hope to: save money, use less resources, and be a more present consumer.

Here are some of the ways I am utilizing everything, scroll down for my newest zero waste recipes. 

1. Chicken bones 

I have always touted the virtue of making stocks from bones. Bone stocks are rich in gelatin and collagen. By the way, you paid for the bones whether you took them home or not. Food prices are based on the whole item, after all, the store paid for the whole thing.

Did you know you can use bones from roasted chicken or turkey? Save bones in a reusable storage bag in the freezer and make stock from those bones.

2. Herb Stems 

Add these to your stocks and braised dishes. There’s flavor in the stems! After you strip the pretty leaves off of thyme, rosemary, and tarragon, save the stems in a bowl or reusable bag in the freezer and add them to the stock.


Roasted Veggie Peels vertical

3. Vegetable peels

The peels can be tossed with good extra virgin olive oil and roasted to become chips, croutons, soup and salad garnishes, toppings for mashed potatoes, and more.

4. Eggshells 

Eggshells add calcium to your garden.

5. Coffee Grounds

Boy, do I have a lot of these, have you tried my cold brew yet?   Coffee grounds acidify the soil, which is good for many plants.


Gazpacho vertical

6. Pickle Brine

Highly seasoned brine just sitting in your refrigerator can be put to good use. Loaded with flavor and perfect in gazpacho. 


Carrot Top Tahini vertical

7. Vegetable Tops

Most veggie tops are not sold in regular super markets, but if you have a garden or are part of a CSA or buy from Farmer's Markets you will usually get greens with most of your root vegetables.  Carrot tops, beet tops, and radish tops are all edible, delicious and nutritious.  Use in fresh salads, pesto or try mixed in your tahini.   

While we're at it, don't forget about leftovers, use the up in creative ways. 

Mashed potatoes become potato cakes or potato souffles.

Roasted potatoes or vegetable become hash with a fried egg.

Cooked rice or other grains become fried rice, quinoa, farro etc.

Challah and bread make the best croutons.

How have you started to zero waste? Let me know in the comments below, we can all do better. 


zero waste recipes