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5 Easy Shavuot Crafts

shavuot crafts

There is something about Shavuot that seems to demand crafts.  Usually they revolve around flowers.  I remember when my children would bring home the tissue paper flowers, or little decorated vases to use a centerpiece for the festive holiday.  I guess it is because it is at a time of year when everything is in bloom and we want to enjoy the bounty of the season. But it is also because Shavuot is an agriculture holiday and very much connected to plants.  We share a few favorite Floral Crafts in this article including a flower pony holder, napkin ring, tissue flowers and decoupage plates, oldies but goodies that never get boring.  Here are some new ideas

flower decorated planters

These flower decorated pots made by AshleyAnnPhotography are easily done with your favorite floral fabrics.  Get full step by step turotial instructions on  Now you have something unique and gorgeous to put your new plants in.


These floral crowns were made for a wedding, but Shavuot would be a perfect time to have fun making and wearing these especially for little girls.  These fresh flower ones might not be as practical, though, so try it with silk flower, instruction here.

dotted vase

I love how simple this dotted vase is to make and inexpensive too.  Any glass vase will work. Get the full instructions from TheCraftedLife.

paper rosebud

Learn to make Paper Rosebuds from, she is always coming up with new and amazing things to make for those of all ages.

painted sticks

Last, but not least, I love this idea for those not as into flowers or maybe more interesting for the boys, DIY Painted Sticks.  Use them as decorating, put a bunch of them together in a vase, as a painted stick bouquet that will never die.