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10 Recipes That Want To Celebrate Rosh Hashanah With You

10 rosh hashanah recipes


We have compiled these 10 High Holiday recipes that will dress up your table.  Manischewitz products will help make them all tastier and easier.

Apple Tarragon Slaw1

Apple Tarragon Slaw

The flavors of apples and tarragon go together beautifully.  This slaw is perfect for a last minute extra, no cooking necessary.  Here is the recipe.


Apple and Parsnip Soup

Rosh Hashanah is late this year and Fall will be in full swing.  A warm Apple and Parsnip Soup is just the trick comfort and warm your bellies.

Carrot, Quinoa & Spinach Soup

Carrot, Quiona & Spinach Soup

This soup is really a one pot meal if you so desire.  Perfect for vegetarians and the rest of us, would be a nice light lunch during the holidays with tons of veggies and tons of flavor.

Slow Roasted Lamb With Pomegranate and Reduced

Slow Roasted Lamb With Pomegranate and Reduced Wine

Rosh Hashanah is the perfect time to bring out the show stopper.  This Slow Roasted Lamb will dress up your table like nothing else.  Flavored with pomegranate and wine it is perfect for the season.

chicken with apple butter

Chicken with Prunes in Apple Butter Wine Sauce

A little apple butter goes a long way to keep this holiday chicken dish moist and flavorful.  Everyone always wants a new chicken recipe.  This Chicken with Prunes and Apple Butter will not disappoint.

Chicken Thighs with Roasted Winter Fruit

Chicken Thighs with Roasted Winter Fruit

One more chicken recipe featuring the full apple and other winter fruits can be a one skillet dinner.  Use a nice pot so you can cook and serve from one.  Rice or potatoes could be added as well as greens if you want to make it more festive.

Leek Noodle Cups

Leek Noodle Cups

These Leek Noodle Cups otherwise known as kugel, is the most delicious way to use the simian of leeks.  Can be made ahead and looks beautiful to serve.

manischewitz chow fun

Vegetable Chow Fun

gluten free s'mores bars

Gluten Free S'mores Bars

These are not your usual Rosh Hashanah dessert bars, but we all have our Apple Crsips and Pies already planned.  Sometimes you just need a little chocolate.  Get the recipe for these S'mores Bars.

vegetarian cholent

Chicken Apple Sausage Cholent

This fall flavored cholent can be made vegetarian with vegetarian sausage.  It is simple and a lighter at a time when there are oh so many meals.  It can be made in the oven too, so it is perfect as a one pot meal for Shabbat lunch.

Disclaimer: This post is part of an ongoing partnership with Manischewitz.