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Halva is a sweet treat derived from sesame seed paste, tahini, that is very popular in Israel and is starting to gain popularly in the U.S. You may be familiar with store bought packages of halvah, like Joyva, but there is nothing like the fresh made candy in the open markets of Israel. 

jamie eating halva in jerusalem at the shuk

If you can't get to Israel, you can buy Israeli halva on Amazon, but did you know you can also make halva at home?

Once you master the technique, you can create halva in any flavor you want or you can cheat and get the halva flavor without the candy making with these halva inspired recipes.

If you have extra halva, not sure how that might happen, but you can also use leftover halva to enhance basic desserts from cookies, to brownies, to mousse. 

Halva and Halva Flavored Desserts

Coffee Hawaij Halva
Tahini Halva Brownies
vanilla bean halva
halva smoothie
Halva-Inspired Frozen Yogurt
Halva Spread
Halva and Chocolate Babka
Halva Granola Bars
Israeli Halva Yogurt Popsicles
Halva Spelt Hamantashen
no bake halva cheesecake
Petit Fours
Halva Chocolate Bark
chocolate halva mousse
Halvah Sesame Ice Cream
Halvah Baklava