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Hawaij for Coffee

Hawaij for Coffee is a Yemenite spice blend traditionally mixed into Turkish coffee.  This careful, delicate and perfectly balanced blend of cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves is a delicious Yemenite tradition as old as coffee itself. 

Hawaij for Coffee enhances the flavor of coffee, whether brewed in the traditional Turkish ibrik, espresso, or in a latte.  Also divine baked into cakes, cookies, crisps, crumbles, warm compotes and more.  With notes and aromas that will make you murmur 'mashallah' (as you close your eyes and travel to distant lands). 

As a general rule of thumb, any recipe that calls for pumpkin or chai spice can be swapped for Hawaij for Coffee (in equal parts) for a more elegant, sophisticated sweet and (gingery) spicey note.  

Be careful though, Hawaij is also a savory spice blend used to make Yemenite soups, make sure to use the right one for each recipe. 

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