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Medifast, the brand recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980. Designed to fit your weight loss goal and lifestyle, Medifast is clinically-proven to be a fast and safe way to lose weight. Each of our easy to follow weight loss plans let you reach a fat-burning state and still feel full, allowing you to lose weight quickly and safely no matter which plan you choose. Your daily diet will incorporate a mix of Medifast meal replacements and real food — keeping you satisfied while you lose weight. Enjoy a variety of protein-rich meal replacements offered in a variety of savory and sweet flavored menu choices. Your real food — through lean & green meals — gives you the ultimate menu flexibility while learning about meal preparation for weight loss. Learn the principles of how your intake of calories, carbs, fat and protein impact and affect your overall health and weight loss. These lessons in nutrition are key to your success and your later transition to a new, healthier you. You'll learn these weight loss techniques early on so that you'll be well prepared for your passage into lifelong weight management. And, when you do, Medifast's Healthy Living Maintenance Plan gives you the nutrition and tools you need to maintain your goal weight for a healthier lifestyle for the long-term.