Today let’s enjoy a savory Butternut Squash and Arugula Pizza with Salad and lots more squash recipes. 

Yes, yes -- I know -- the post is called Winter Squash, and that’s because butternut squash is winter squash. In fact, it’s the sweetest winter squash, even though the name suggests a totally different tang. That’s just like the whole squash family – always out to confuse you with devious names. Take zucchini, for example, a squash that doesn’t even fess up to its family name. Then again, if my last name were Squash, I probably wouldn’t admit it either.

Don’t be fooled by that frosty name “winter squash” either. The season starts late summer and runs through mid-winter, and some are even available year-round.

So how does this highly untrustworthy vegetable work in a pizza? Actually, perfectly. I became an authority on pizza the first year I was married.  It’s Hubby’s favorite food, and he even had the pizza shops’ baking cycles committed to memory so he knew at which store he could get the freshest pie straight from the oven, any time of day. He also knew at what time they started to make their specialty pies, and at what time they would have the biggest selection. It’s a form of genius, really.

Anyway, until I was married I never experienced a ziti pizza pie, an eggplant parmesan pie, or the ultimate spicy fry pie. Puhlease!  It’s like carbs on top of carbs, on top of grease, with extra cheese – oh, and so good, I always have room for another slice.

Butternut Squash and Arugula Pizza is perfect for kids of all ages, including you and me.   The flavor combination is superb, and while I haven’t done an official nutritional analysis, I would say it probably has less fat than the ziti pizza.

This is the kind of pizza dinner that comes out of a gourmet kitchen – and tonight the gourmet kitchen can be yours. It’s one of those dishes you can use to entertain, please the kiddies, and impress mom-in-law - all in one meal. Thank

G-d for small blessings like butternut squash.

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