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Spin the Globe Dinners with Your Kids


Everyone is always talking about getting the kids in the kitchen.  Get them involved in the preparation and they will eat the food, the theory goes. WhileI love cooking with my kids, for most weekday meals, it just isn’t going to happen.  They make such a mess and we have so little time after school and homework.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to get your kids involved.

A few months ago, my kids came up with a game.  It was one of the many yom tov days that I was hoping the kids would sleep in and let me relax a bit.  When I awoke (much later than normal) I found them enjoying a game of spin the globe.  On their own they thought up this game where one of them would close their eyes and point a finger on the globe while spinning it.   When it landed they would open their eyes and read where on earth they were.  Then they would talk about all the food they would eat if they went to that country (they are my kids after all, foodies from birth).

After all the holidays were over, we decided to play Spin the Globe to plan our weekly menus.  Everyone got a turn and we got to enjoy Mexican, Algerian, Moroccan, Russian and Italian food all while learning about the food traditions of other countries and cultures and having a ton of fun.  The kids were excited about the meals we planned and my oldest looked up information about the country on the computer and shared a few fun facts with everyone.

Sometimes, we all run out of creative ideas for dinner.  Now, when I get stuck for an inspiring menu I just ask my kids to close their eyes, point their finger and spin the globe.  We’ve traveled all around the world and I haven’t even left the kitchen!

Here are some of the recipes we enjoyed.  Be sure to share some of your favorites from the world of global gastronomy.





Fish Francais