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The Secret To Rich Chocolatey Desserts

Double Espresso Hot Chocolate

Chocolate and coffee and go together like chocolate and vanilla.   Coffee highlights the chocolate deep, rich flavor without imparting flavor of its own. There are many ways to get the coffee flavor, but my new favorite way is this Double Espresso Liqueur form Morad winery in Israel.  They just started bringing in the Double Espresso, so look for it in your liquor store by you or ask them to get it for you.  It is wonderful to sip over ice or to mix with a dairy  milk based cocktail, but I am most excited about the way it pairs with chocolate.


morad hot coca

When I first tasted this liqueur I knew I had to mix it up in a hot drink and a rich and creamy hot chocolate was the perfect choice.  I made it with almond milk to keep it parve and keep the calories down a bit and topped with my homemade marshmallows for extra gooey goodness.  But the best part was the liqueur and don't worry about drinking it too late in the night, my theory is the alcohol counteracts any caffeine their might be.



The real wow factor will come from these brownies.  When my husband was eating the leftovers a couple of days after we served these bad boys he couldn't help but declare how great they were, even when they were starting to go stale.  I worked to keep the calories lighter here and even made them with whole wheat flour, although I think it would be a little less crumbly if you use regular all-purpose.  They are non dairy of course so yo can make them any time, just make sure to add the liqeuer it really enhances the chocolate flavor.

Now that you know my secret, I would love to hear yours? What do you like to use to enhance flavors in your foods?