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A Loving Mother's Day Brunch Menu

Potato Cheddar Frittata

When I think of a description for Mom's around the world, I think of "loving" and when I think of what kind of food and what kind of menu to create "loving" is there again.  Isn't there an old saying that the reason Mom's food tastes better is because she made it with love?  Even if your mother doesn't show her affection with tons of hugs and kisses and traditional signs of love, I know there is love behind all her actions.  In honor of all the loving Mother's and everyone planning a Brunch to celebrate Mom, this menu is for you.

Double Espresso Hot Chocolate

Instead of the regular morning coffee, try something a bit more decadent, with a shot of Double Espresso Liqueur for an extra dose of love.  This Hot Chocolate will surely start the Brunch on the right track or you can save it for dessert and start with a Mango Bellini.

Kale Potato Hash with Fried Egg

For the main coarse consider going with this Kale and Potato Hash with Fried Egg, easy to make, includes some greens and tastes delicious.  If you are more of a frittata or quick person try this Asparagus and Cheese Frittata and serve with roast potatoes or go lighter with roast cauliflower.


Send her off to get a massage with my favorite Cranberry White Chocolate Scones, but you can fill them with her favorites, dark chocolate and pecan is my second fave.  They can really be made quick and easy, but if you are more comfortable with muffins, try Chocolate Banana Muffins.

Finally, the most important part about making Brunch for Mom is keeping the kitchen clean!!!  Even if you have your mom coming to you, the husbands and kids are in charge of cooking and cleaning on Mother's Day.

Main Image is a Potato and Cheddar Frittata