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In this week’s parsha, we learn that when the metzora (person afflicted with leprosy) heals, he or she undergoes a purification ritual by the kohen that includes two birds, spring water, cedar wood, a scarlet thread and hyssop.  For those unfamiliar with hyssop, it is a versatile, flavorful and aromatic herb that is used to make za’atar, the green spice blend popular in Israel and the Middle East.  This week we celebrate hyssop with a menu that highlights za'atar. I promise it will put a zing in your Shabbat menu!

Za'atar Focaccia

In place of Challah this week we are going with a super flavorful, soft and fluffy, focaccia.  Yum!

Za'atar Gefilte Fish

zaatar crusted gefilte fish

Take that frozen gefilte fish and doctor it up with za'atar for a unique fish course this week. 

4-Ingredient Za'atar Roast Chicken

zaatar chicken with black quinoa

This chicken is so easy and so delicious with a side of carrots roasting under the chicken, you won't believe how good it is. 

Israeli Green Rice

Israeli green rice

The perfect side to this chicken is a fragrant herbaceous rice. 

Strawberry Shortcake Trifle


For dessert we left out the za'atar in favor of a layered creamy trifle. 

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