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One of the most beautiful passages in this week’s parsha, concerns the bird and her young. We are told: If you should encounter a bird’s nest and the mother is sitting with her baby birds or upon the eggs, you shall not take the mother upon the young, but should send the mother away before taking any eggs. The reward for this act of compassion is a long life. Live long and prosper.

This week we’re going to give the birds a break, but I can’t resist the opportunity to include a few nests and egg recipes that will leave your guests squawking for more.

The Weekly Challah

Deviled Eggs

Derby Deviled Eggs

The perfect start to this meal is the classic deviled eggs, simple and delicious. 

Chilled Cucumber Melon Gazpacho

cucumber melon soup

Serve alongside a cool as a cucumber soup for this end of Summer meal. 

Kadaif Nests with Ground Lamb

lamb kataifi long

Shredded phyllo makes the perfect nest for flavored ground meat. It's a real show stopper too and brings a little bit of Israeli flavor to your Shabbat table. 

Jerusalem Mixed Grill Skewers

Jerusalem Mixed Grill Beef Skewers

Serve a little extra meat simply seasoned with Jerusalem Mixed Grill spice blend. Everyone loves skewers. 

Israeli Couscous with Red Peppers

israeli couscous salad

Super simple and super delicious you will love how this side adds color and flavor to your meal. 

Sauteed Summer Veggies

Sautéed Summer Vegetables

Just one more veggie side if you like to round out this late summer Shabbat menu. 

Mango Banana Phyllo Nests

Mango Banana Phyllo Nests

End the meal with one more nod to the parsha with these dessert nests. 

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