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Dairy free is pretty much a given for many of our Passover desserts, but nuts are the number one alternative to flour, which means most of our Passover desserts are dairy free and gluten free but not nut free. 

It's almost impossible to buy bakery goods on Passover that are nut free. When I read that about 2 in 100 people have a nut allergy, I knew they needed help. 

This list is for those who can eat gluten but can't eat nuts, but also we hope you like chocolate.   I mean who doesn't?

Oh and coconut is not a nut, although some people who are allergic to tree nuts might also be allergic to coconut, so we do have a few options for you in here too. 

Matzo 7 Layer Cake
Passover Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Mousse withExtra Virgin Olive Oil
passover chocolate sponge cake
pomegranate pavlova
coconut macaroons
Meyer Lemon Sabayon
Passover Cookie Platter
Chocolat Covered Matzo Bark - use your best chocolate, your favorite toppings and make this delicious bark for Passover
Passover Chocolate Lava Cake Dessert