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In this week's parsha we witness the tremendous outpouring from the people with contributions of gold, silver, copper, embroidery and more for use in building the mishkan. The generosity was overwhelming that they had to be asked to stop giving, there was more than enough. As I imagine how amazing it must have been to witness this outpouring from the people, I also wonder (as I do most every Shabbat) when is enough, enough? There are days when I prepare a chicken soup, but my oldest child doesn’t like pieces of chicken, my middle child doesn’t like carrots, and my youngest – hold the celery. Sometimes, you need a notepad to keep track of the requests coming from the kids table. These days I separate out most of my meals Make Your Own style. Whether it is a salad bar, a rice bowl or taco night, everyone gets to make it themselves at the table and I love changing it up on Shabbat.


This hummus bar could be your main course, add dessert and call it a meal, but today it is our first course, let everyone go wild choosing all their favorite toppings and then keep the main light and easy. 


Zaatar chicken

Keep the Israeli theme going with an easy grilled or roasted chicken covered in my favorite spice, zaatar. 


Three-onion Wild rice

Mix up a whole bunch of rice, add extra veggies or serve extra Israeli salad on the side. 


Halvah Baklava

End the meal with a sweet treat filled with nuts and the flavor of halvah. 

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