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Hanukkah is not an easy time of year for those of us who like to eat healthy – after all, who can resist hot and crispy fried potato latkes or sweet fried doughnuts? Don't worry, I won't ask you to resist, but I will help you show some self-restraint… Your waistline can thank me later!

If you have already joined our Fresh Families meal plan, then you know my nutrition philosophy is not about deprivation, but about mindful eating. Mindful eating means paying attention to everything you eat.

So here you go, 5 Mindful Eating Tips To Get You Through The Holidays

1. Offer to bring the crudite. Don't go anywhere without a big platter of veggies with a great tasting, low-calorie dip, that way no you have something to fill up on while everyone else is on latke number four.

2. Sit down when you eat and put everything on a plate – preferably a small sized-plate for portion control. Don't pick and graze when preparing for or at a party or you won't even notice what or how much you ate. Wait until all the food is ready and then enjoy. 

3. Really enjoy that latke or doughnut. Take one (not four), eat slowly and really pay attention to enjoying your food.

Jamie's Best Ever Latkes or Classic Sufganiyot are well worth the indulgence. 

4. Chew gum. If you have trouble with self-control, try some minty sugar-free gum.

5. Pay attention to your body. Eat slowly and listen carefully to when your body signals satiety. Don't wait until your belly is full and you can't stand up or walk straight, wait just until you're not hungry anymore. That’s time to stop!

6. Cook healthy alternatives. Try this gluten free doughnut I developed for our Fresh Families members. 

Try these Sweet Potato Latkes with Eggs and Kale, a Fresh Families recipe FREE!

sweet potato latke and kale