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It's summertime and gorgeous fruit is plentiful. Bright colors and a garden of aromatic scents fill markets and farm stands. It is easy to go crazy and over purchase when the produce looks so good.

A recent trip to a local farmer’s market found me carrying home more peaches than I could ever eat, even with help from my husband. I couldn’t help it. They looked so good. Plump, rosy-cheeked peaches are a weakness of mine.

After eating the juicy ripe beauties for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, I finally had enough. Now, what do I do with all of these peaches?  Let's cook with them. 

But first, a few tips for purchasing and storing summer fruit:

1.       For best flavor, price and quality, purchase fruit IN-SEASON. That means enjoying your favorites until they are no longer available and then finding a new favorite. Out of season fruit is expensive, not as good tasting and is a strain on the environment (schlepping out of season fruit around the country or world utilizes precious resources).

2.       Try to purchase organic or unsprayed produce. Pesticides and herbicides are not good for your family or the environment. Choose GREEN produce.

3.       Freeze or can your favorite produce to enjoy later in the year.

If you are like me and temptation takes over, here are some quick and easy recipes for gorgeous summer fruit.