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Normally, when someone says you should 'Eat The Rainbow' they are referring to eating a diet rich in all different colored fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  Every color means a different vitamin or mineral, so the more colors, the more nutrients.  

Over the years, it became trendy to 'Eat The Rainbow' in other ways. Many foods use food coloring because the color of food has a direct effect on how much you will want to buy it.

Savvy marketers understand you eat with your eyes first.  That's why you will see foods like  colorful bagels, cookies, cakes and more all over Instagram.  The problem is not only do those foods not have any nutrients, but artificial food coloring has been found to damage nerve tissues and cause hyperactivity in children. It has even been linked to cancer in adults. 

We still want you to eat the rainbow so we have compiled 13 of our favorite rainbow inspired recipes, from fruits to veggies to challah and cakes.  When a recipe calls for food dyes use all-natural colors like these or make your own with the following suggestions:

Yellow = turmeric powder

Green = spinach water

Red/Orange = beet water

Blue/purple = cover with poppy seeds

It's okay if the colors are not quite as vibrant, you will love knowing that you are eating colorful and healthful.