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Today’s star veggies will take us back to the roots of good nutrition.  “Root vegetables” are simply the roots of plants that grow into the ground from the base of the plant stem.  They include potato, sunchoke, yam, beet, carrot, cassava, jicama (also called Mexican turnip, a cousin of the sweet potato), parsnip, radish, rutabaga, turnip, sweet potato, yucca, celeriac, water chestnuts, ginger, garlic, onion, and shallot.

Funny thing about these humble-looking vegetables: historically they were not considered appetizing enough for noble folk.  Only the poor, who would literally dig them out of the ground after other plants were harvested, would eat them.  Like most other things previously considered lower class – like sunshine, exercise, drinking plain water, and eating whole grain bread – we’ve come full circle to view them as the ingredients of a healthy lifestyle!

Were those peasants happy?  Dunno, but at least they were hardier and stronger than the nobleman in his castle, gorging away on his fatty meats, rich pastries and delicacies.

We now know that root vegetables are powerhouses of vitamins, phytonutrients (the more intense a vegetable’s color is, the more phytonutrients) vitamin C, and complex carbohydrates.  Best of all, they have no fat and are low in calories – now we’re talkin’!

Let's celebrate Fall with 12 Root Vegetable Recipes. 

Butternut Squash and Arugula Pizza with Salad 

butternut squash pizza

This butternut squash and arugula pizza is so special and spicy and savory and sweet and perfect for Fall. The goat cheese is creamy, and the fresh arugula add s a nice peppery bite to this masterpiece. You can sub in pumpkin or sweet potato for the squash, ricotta for the goat cheese and can add caramelized red onions if you are so inclined. 

Parsnip, Celery Root and Carrot Soup


It’s a warm, creamy, comforting fall soup – the kind your family will love when they come in from the cold, blustery weather.

Carrot Cupcakes


Always a favorite way to use carrots, a true crowd-pleaser. 

Fennel Puree

Brined Steak for Two with Fennel Puree and Apricot and Raisin Compote

Elegant and truth be told a little fancy looking, but super easy and delicious. 

Mashed Potatoes and Parsnips

mashed potatoes and parsnip

Add some parsnips to your mashed potatoes for a unique flavor and lower carbs. 

Celery Root Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes


The ultimate mashed potatoes loaded with new flavors. 

Apple Celery Root Kohlrabi Slaw

Wide Apple Kohlrabi Slaw.jpg

A no cabbage slaw you will love!

Root Vegetable Cholent

Healthier Root Vegetable Cholent Slow Cooker Stew

A healthier cholent filled with root vegetables. 

Roasted Parsnip Puree

Parsnip Puree

When you have an abundance of parsnips make this puree.

Parsnip Chips

Grilled Ribeye with Crispy Parsnips

Or make parsnip chips!

Roasted Carrots with Harissa

Roasted Carrots With Harissa And Toasted Pistachios

Roasting vegetables is always a delicious way to go. 

Roasted Root Vegetable Salad


Turn your roasted roots into a hearty salad.