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There are many ways to prevent a cold.  Are they foolproof? No, of course not, eventually we all get sick, but if eating can actually help improve the odds, I’m all for it.  Research has shown that certain foods can help prevent colds and provide relief from cold symptoms.   Fight your cold naturally with these 6 tips.

Five A Day.  I know I’m a broken record, but it is true. Fruits and vegetables are good for boosting your immune system.  Make sure to get at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Try a Papaya.  A serving of papaya, a sweet, melon-like fruit, provides 100% of the recommended amount of vitamin C. Even kiwi, guava and passionfruit have high amounts of Vitamin C and passion fruit has been shown to relieve a sore throat.  If you can’t get to the tropics, bring the tropics to you.

Go for an A.  Vitamin A has been shown to improve your disease fighting ability.  Good sources are green and yellow vegetables, such as carrots and lettuce.

Gimme an E. Foods rich in vitamin E help fight off a cold by producing cells that seek out and destroy germs.  Eat more green leafy vegetables, almonds, asparagus, cranberries, or carrots.

Spice is Nice.  Eating foods with chili peppers, hot mustard or horseradish helps clear congestion.

Drink Up. Liquids help move the cold viruses out of your body.  If water is not your thing, drink diluted fruit juice, seltzer or unsweetened or lightly sweetened tea.