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In our world, I have inaugurated December as Comfort Food Month. The cold weather and my cravings have dictated this official announcement but you know I can’t do anything without a twist, not even comfort food.

The more I thought about standard comfort foods -- apple pie, mac & cheese, tuna casserole, Chinese takeout – the louder my mental calorie alert sounded! Code red! 

Too much comfort food cannot be a good thing!
So I’ve compiled for you both traditional takes and lighter versions of those recipes, so you can indulge in authentic comfort foods just the way they were meant to be enjoyed and also have the option to enjoy the same classic tastes without the same classic calories.   

For more healthy versions of all your favorite recipes with full nutrition information join our Fresh Families healthy meal plan, where you can get General Tsao's Chicken, The Healthiest Tuna CasseroleMacaroni and Cheese (the orange kind), and Deli Roll. 

All the recipes are quick and easy and absolutely delicious, of course, but you’ll also have no-guilt options to grace your table, not your hips. Although guilt really has no place in my kitchen and shouldn’t in yours either.

It's funny how some people think of classic comfort foods as something you have to wolf down in the dark, shades lowered, in your sweats or PJs after an especially stressful day. Not true. You won't have to eat these in your robe and bunny slippers. We're going to really celebrate comfort foods and make them dining room table ready. They're so luscious you'll want to serve some of them on Shabbos!