Dress Up Your Salads For Shavuot

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tortilla salad bowls

Once the clock is changed to Daylight Savings Time, we can enjoy a nice long Shabbos.  We can use this extra time to prepare a more elaborate third meal.  This is the time I like to try out my new dressings for salads.  Shavuos is a great time to prepare not only my usual cheese recipes, but also salads.

I have been sharing the Honey Fruit Cooler with family, friends and customers for well over thirty-five years.  Originally, it was a Dairy fruit salad, but can also be adapted for Pareve use.  I omit the sour cream and honey and add ½ cup red wine as a substitute.  These days, you can purchase Pareve sour cream, if you wish, and stick to the original recipe.

Another recipe to try this time of year will enhance the presentation of whatever salad you will be serving.  It’s called Easy Fluted Salad Baskets.  It is very easy to make and gives a beautiful look to your table when filled with your favorite salad! The main ingredient is whole wheat tortilla wraps.  You can use the large size for several different salads on your table.  I like to use the small packages of whole wheat tortilla wraps for individual salad portions.  I use the whole wheat brand that is 96% Fat Free.  It has 180mg of ALA Omega-3 fatty acids per serving.  It can be used for all kinds of meals and snacks, from fajitas to wraps!

I bought several Teflon coated fluted baking pans in two sizes.  This way I can make this whenever I plan it.  I use colorful vegetables in my salad, for added eye appeal.  My guests whom have never seen it, all marvel about how great it looks!  Try it for Yom Tov and see for yourself how much it adds to your table display.   You can make them ahead of time, and have them ready when needed.