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Chanie Apfelbaum

After years of working in the web design field, I quit my job to be a full-time stay at home mom. I have lots of creative energy, so the transition wasn’t easy. When friends and family suggested that I write a cookbook, I decided to do just that – in the form of a blog. I have a degree in web design and I’ve done some freelance writing as well as photo editing, so having my own place to share all the things I’m passionate about just made sense. The name Busy in Brooklyn (BIB for short) was my husband’s brilliant idea, and his expertise in internet marketing (shameless plug!) really helped me create an online presence for Busy in Brooklyn. When I started BIB in 2011, it was a part-time hobby, but it’s grown by leaps and bounds, thanks to my amazing fans and readers! Now, I work full time as a recipe developer, cooking instructor, brand ambassador, cookbook author, food photographer and blogger. I’m thinking about changing the blog name to Busier than Ever in Brooklyn!