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Kugel is a Jewish dish similar to a casserole. There are so many different variations one can make and they are simple, affordable, and incredibly resilient. They can be made ahead, frozen for long periods of time, and reheated, making them the perfect Shabbat side dish. 

Gil Marks A'H, shared with us the full History of Kugel, which you can read to learn more about the origins and evolution of this popular Jewish side dish. He says, "the common denominators of all true kugels are a starch base, eggs (or egg substitute), and fat, without the addition of water or other liquids."  We don't always follow that rule though (don't hold it against us), but any side in a casserole dish or muffin cups that can be made ahead and served on Shabbat is a kugel in our book. 

One of the most popular types of kugel according to the internet is a sweet noodle kugel called Lokshen Kugel. Typically it is made with lots of sugar and cottage cheese, but there are endless variations. This type of kugel does not work for our Shabbat dinner which is usually meat, but we have created sweet noodle kugels without dairy and tons of other kugels so your Shabbat meals will never get boring. 

13 Shabbat kugels to make ahead and freeze

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