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Hawaij is a traditional Yemenite spice blend, but watch out, because there are two different kinds. This one is for savory dishes, perfect soups, stews, curry-style dishes, rice, veg and bomb as a barbecue rub. Keep the other one, Hawaij for Coffee for your coffee and desserts.

What's in Hawaij Spice Blend? 

Hawaij is a blend of spices and everyone has their own exact mix, our blend is a mix of turmeric, coriander, allspice, cumin, nutmeg, black pepper, cardamom, cloves and sweet paprika.  At once exotic and homey this it’s that spice you add to everything and everyone asks “what’s in this??? 


How do you use Hawaij? 

Hawaij can be used in almost everything, but it is the most incredible addition to any soup.  Yemenite cuisine is known for its array of earthy, flavorful, comforting soups and the secret is this blend of spices.  Simply add to your usual chicken soup and you will love the results or you can try on of our recipes below. 

Hawaij has lots of turmeric and black pepper making it an excellent anti-inflammatory. Adding a little hawaij to your soup will feel good for your whole body.

You can also use hawaij simply as a rub on meat, chicken, fish or veg and anything that goes in a slow cooker will benefit from a little hawaij, especially your Shabbat morning cholent.