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Different Rice Recipes From Around The World

Since rice is so easily obtainable and transported, countries around the world use it as a base for their meals, using their national spices and culinary flares to make it their own.  Native to Asia, more than 90% of the world's rice is grown in China, India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh, with smaller amounts grown in Japan, Pakistan, and various Southeast Asian nations. 

It's no wonder every country has their version of a national rice dish that sometimes defines their cusine.  There are three main classifications for rice: short, medium and long-grained. Rice should be rinsed until the water is clear, before cooking to get rid of excess starch. It can also be soaked before cooking to reduce cooking time and stickiness.

While plain white or brown rice is often on our menus, there are big differences in how each variety of rice tastes from basmati to Jasmine to sushi rice.  There are rices of all different colors, we love red rice, black rice and green rice.  But this article is to showcase fully flavored rice with unique seasonings and different ways of cooking that turns this often relegated side dish to the star of the meal. 

Tahdig - Crispy Persian Rice
Vegetarian Tahchin Persian Rice
Dirty Rice
Gondi Kashi, Rice with Turkey, Beets, Fava Beans
Israeli Rice with Lentils and Chickpeas (Mujadara)
veggie fried rice pack n go lunch
salmon paella
cranberry pistachio biryani
Brazilian style rice and black eyed peas