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To me, the pistachio is a hard nut to top. It’s salty, sweet, and extremely healthy (in moderation, of course). I have fond memories of sitting at my Savtah’s kitchen table in Seattle, where I grew up, snacking on a big bowl of pistachios. My mom would tell me to stop eating them because I would finish the entire bowl, leaving a pile of salty shells in my wake. As much as I enjoy them, I always thought the pistachio was an unhealthy snack, but it turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong!

In addition to their taste, all of the health benefits make the pistachio nut an even more appealing ingredient. So why not take this superfood to the next level with a slew of all new recipes that feature the wonderful flavor of pistachios! That’s what is so great about being a cook in your own kitchen. You can try new things, bring back old memories while creating new ones, and have a great time in the process.

I hope you and your guests enjoy the perfect pistachio as much as I do. Now dig in!