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Bagels 11 Ways

National bagel day is on January 15, but to us every day is bagel day.  Bagels are one of the most iconic Jewish foods in America served at every Bris and Break the Fast around the country.  Bagels are round yeast breads that are boiled before being baked and topped with everything from poppy seeds to everything seasoning.  They originated in Poland where they were popular in the Jewish communities.  They arrived in the US with the Jewish immigrants in the 1800s, where they were sold on the streets of the Lower East Side stacked on poles (that's why they have a hole in the middle).  

Over the years their popularity spread throughout the US and Canada, gaining more fame when shmeared with cream cheese and topped with lox. Until it became a staple at every breakfast and brunch place in the US. 

To celebrate the bagel we're sharing our favorite ways to make and eat bagels, starting with our best recipe for homemade bagels. 

Homemade Bagels


You can make bagels at home maybe even better than the ones at your local bakery (depending on where you live).  Top them with everyone's favorite Everything Bagel Seasoning for an extra special treat. 

2-Ingredient Dough Everything Bagels


Don't want to deal with boiling or want to make them lower in calories? Try these 2-ingredient bagels.  We know they are not authentic, but they are quick and easy and high in protein.  You can also make them gluten free using almond meal and this recipe for Gluten Free Nut Bagels

Jerusalem Bagel

Jerusalem Bagel

We are really talking all about the NY bagel today, but while we are on the subject of bagels and their connection to the Jewish people, did you know they are not popular in Israel?  In the holy land we have Jerusalem bagels, the longer oblong shaped, not boiled, cousin to the bagels we are used to.  These are dipped in olive oil or labaneh with za'atar and best hot and fresh from the streets of Jerusalem. 

Avocado Toasted Bagel Breakfast

Avo toast bagel

Now that we have our bagels made (or bought) let's find new ways to use them.  Top with egg, za'atar and an avocado rose or make this Avocado Toast Bagel with a poached egg in stead. 

Bagel French Toast

French Toast Bagel

When you have extra bagels that are going stale and you forgot to freeze, turn them into french toast. 

Pizza Bagels

Pizza Bagels

When you need a quick snack or light dinner that even a kid can make, go for DIY Pizza Bagels. Keep it simple with sauce and cheese or add toppings, anything goes. 

Lox and Bagel Deviled Eggs

Lox and Bagel Deviled Eggs

Now it's time to bring our favorite bagels and lox flavor into a deviled egg.  

Bagel and Lox Platter

bagel and lox platter

Everyone needs to know how to make a killer bagel and lox platter. 

Lox and Everything Bagel Yogurt Bowl

lox and everything bagel yogurt bowl

Ever tried a savory yogurt bowl? It's time to get your lox and bagel in bowl form. 

Everything Bundt the Bagel

everything bundt the bagel video

This over the top baked good has all the ooey gooey of a monkey bread but with savory cream cheese and everything seasoning. 

Bagel and Lox Guacamole

Bagel and Lox Guacamole horizontal

For our last trick, we flavored our guac with lox! Now put it on a bagel!