With Purim behind us and Passover lurking just around the corner everyone is looking to clear their cupboards of chametz.  Now this time of year just happens to coincide with the seasonal initiative of Spring cleaning making us part of a nationwide collective of all those who are taking stock, cleaning up, cleaning out and getting organized. 

But whatever will you do with those half empty bags of farro, the open sacks of flour, the different shapes of pasta lying around, the rest of the ketchup, the soy sauce, the grains, the beans, the oats, the list goes on and on of what might be in your pantry.  

First a few tips.  

1. Different shaped pasta can cook together as long as cooking times are the same.

2. For easy bulk cooking and clean up oven bake your rice and grains.  Just follow our recipe for perfect oven baked rice and mix and match with beans, lentils, and proteins.  

3. Stove top chilis or slow cooker cholents and stews can use up all sorts of beans and grains and even sauces and condiments like teriyaki and ketchup. 

4. Oats are the perfect binder for kugels, like our Broccoli and Cauliflower Kugel, but you can use them anytime a recipe calls for matzo meal or bread crumbs. 

5. Use toasted breadcrumbs to make a sweet or savory topping for kugels or macaroni and cheese

6. Use crushed up crackers, pretzels or other snack foods to coat fish, veggies or chicken instead of bread crumbs. 

Here are incredible, genius dishes you can make to help you get rid of all those dribs and drabs. 

Now it's your turn, how do you use up your dribs and drabs?  

Share your genius ideas or challenge us back.  Let us know what's in your pantry, send us your list and we'll send you recipes to use 'em all up.