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17 Ways To Stuff a Pita For the Ultimate Israeli Sandwich

In Israel, we stuff everything in a pita.  It's the ultimate way to turn anything you love to eat into a portable Israeli style sandwich. 

While pita bread has been around for over 4,000 years in the Mediterranean, it only recently found favor in the U.S.  Pita is easy to make with limited ingredients and even more limited technology, but most importantly its potential to be used as a wrap or to dip as a utensil made it popular throughout the lands to stuff, wrap and dip the specialty foods of the region. 

Nowadays we use the pita for all our favorite sandwiches.  The most popular street food around Israel is falafel and shawarma, but more and more shops around Israel are finding unique fillings for their pita.  From Fish Chraime to Beef Bourguignon to the ever-popular chicken schnitzel you really can put almost anything in a pita.  Shakshuka goes in a pita,  kabobs, and even omelets

Learn to make your own pocket pita and then make your favorite sandwiches, here are some of ours.  

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