Blueberries are the symbol of Summer. At least they always were for me before I moved to Israel.  Sure in the US you can get them all year round, but they are better, cheaper and more plentiful in the Summer. I remember all the years growing up and as an adult when the larger containers of blueberries would come out and go down in price as the weeks went on.  I would then freeze as many as I could so that I could have a steady supply to last me through winter.  

When I came to Israel, 5 years ago I quickly learned that the blueberries were not coming.  After a year or so I did discover the very short season of Israeli blueberries, but the price never really comes down, so I savor a few as a treat and buy frozen the rest of the time.  I happen to just love blueberries because they are so delicious, but it doesn't hurt that they are incredibly healthy. 

Blueberries are a superfood. They are low in calories and high in nutrients.  A whole cup has only 85 calories, so you can snack all you want on nature's candy.  They also are high in fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Manganese, and incredibly rich in antioxidants. 

If you need more reasons to eat more blueberries check out 10 Proven Benefits of Blueberries and you will see that blueberries might be the answer to all your problems. 

I love to simply snack on blueberries, but they are also the perfect topping to my daily yogurt breakfast.  They are delicious in a bowl of healthy cereal and milk and to top your bowl of oatmeal.  They can flavor muffins or cake and can even be used in savory dishes.  Check out our 18 recipes with blueberries.