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Shabbos sides are typically loaded with fat and calories, which is what makes them so yummy, of course.  And we indulge, trying to forget about the guilt this one day of the week.  I’ve even heard people rationalize that since our tradition teaches that every Jew is given a second soul (neshamah yeserah) on Shabbos-- presumably to absorb the holiness of the day – it’s ok eat double portions.  After all, we’re eating for two!  Some go so far as to say that the second soul even takes the extra weight away with it as it departs this world.

Somehow, my bathroom scale doesn’t agree.  So the ideal Shabbos side, as far as I’m concerned, is something that looks fancy and decadent, very special for Shabbos, but not loaded with sugar and fat or couched in a pie shell or puff pastry.  Folks, I now present you with the recipes that meets all my criteria and more!

Listen up here fold, this sweet side is not just good for you – it’s downright good!