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The most common food served to vegetarians is pasta. It is easy, affordable and everyone knows how to make it filling without adding meat.  Pasta is high in carbs and can get a little boring even for the carb addicts among us. When you have a vegetarian coming for dinner or you want to try out some new meat free ideas that are low in carb I suggest you turn to vegetables. 

We are living in a very exciting time for vegetarians and even vegans.  Chefs around the world are learning to celebrate the vegetable and some even test the vegan waters just because it is trendy. But the trick is not to make foods that taste like meat, instead we are celebrating the vegetable.  

It is time to make the vegetable the star of the plate. Then you can feel free to serve a little meat or fish along side, but the focus is on the vegetable and that is what I want you all to do this week. 

Here are my favorite ways to make the vegetable the star for dinner and keep the carbs to a minimum. 

WATCH: Jamie & Her Kids Cook Up Calzones using the Sheet Pan Pizza Dough 

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