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Callie Blount

Callie absolutely, positively loves to cook and create. As a food & prop stylist and video personality,  it's the kind of love she grew up learning in the South. The kind of feeling that's so authentic it's more like a Steel Magnolias, “I love ya more than my luggage” type of luv. And that love of cooking was equal to the love that came from cooking- meals shared with her family and friends, dishes brought to church picnics and baby showers, the first pie she baked for Thanksgiving. It always felt like the best way to put someone at ease- and to help meet whatever need they had: companionship, comfort, a listening ear. Or, as her Southern momma always said, “I mean, you have to eat!”It was her culture's way to say “You are important. So important that you are worthy of our family’s signature Big Mama poundcake/homemade banana bread/poppyseed chicken casserole.”Luv Cooks is her best attempt to help you fall in love with cooking- and creating- like she has. The l-u-v-kind of love. The luv of food, people, beauty, life, joy- and a bit of Southern culture to keep things spicy. Simply put, when you love what you do, and who you do it for: Luv Cooks