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“Chicken dinners” is one of the most widely searched food and cooking terms on the internet. There are never enough ideas for another winner winner chicken dinner.  As Summer sets in though we want to spend less time with a hot oven heating up our homes or standing over a hot stove. We want to grill or cook dinner fast so we can relax outside with a cool lemonade. 

These summer recipes are hearty yet light, exciting yet fast, inspired yet healthy and most importantly not your ho hum “chicken is for dinner again?!??!?” recipe.

Whatever you prefer, chicken breast, chicken legs, skin on, bone in or skinless and boneless, we got it all. We challenge you to make all 40 recipes, who's in? 

Now that you have chosen your chicken dinner, try one of these 4 quick sides

Got a whole chicken, but want to cook it in pieces? Watch our video to see how to easily break down a whole chicken.